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The Bi-County Business Roundtable is an organization representing businesses throughout the state of Maryland. We are one of the largest roundtables in the state and surrounding Washington Metropolitan region. We have earned our well-deserved reputation as the “Voice of the voiceless and the go-to for small business.” It is our aggressive pursuit of a healthy economic climate for business and an improved quality of life for local residents. At the core of our mission is the goal of advancing the interests of small business and helping to create wealth for a vibrant climate in the state of Maryland.

Our Four Pillars of Service:

Our Four Pillars of Service are the cornerstone of our platform. They represent issues that greatly impact the growth of businesses in Maryland and, consequently, form the foundation of the Bi-County Business Roundtable’s mission.


The Bi-County Business Roundtable fights for fairness and access equality. Simply put, We Promote Business Growth in Maryland.  We understand the importance of every Maryland entrepreneur having a seat at the table. This is why we believe consistent advocacy for Fairness, Access and Equality is imperative to thriving communities.

Access to Capital

Access to funding remains the primary obstacle that prevents the expansion and growth of most businesses. The Bi-County Business Roundtable works with financial institutions to create, capital, and other financial instruments.




At the Bi-County Business Roundtable, our goal is to level the playing field by helping members gain access to business opportunities in both private and public sectors.  We accomplish this by educating members on contract opportunities, helping them increase their capacity to compete for larger contracts, and by offering resources and information that enhances business owners’ ability to compete.

Small Business Training

The Bi-County Business Roundtable is committed to helping small business leaders achieve stellar performance and growth through entrepreneur and business management training. We deliver quality training and professional development resources and help our members manage and grow successful businesses.